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During 2012, Thailand will have see approximately 20 000 000 tourists. Of these, 9 000 000 wil visit Phuket. The reasons for the exotic rock's popularity are numerous. Splendid beaches, countless exiting activities to fill your days, great weather, a thriving nightlife, friendly people and all round great atmosphere are ony part of it. Just by the way, the Thai authorities are also making some serious work to make the island and Thailand as a whole even more tourist friendly. Lately they implemented major tourist information and complaint centres in six locations of the country which operates 24 hours per day. One of these are located at Phuket airport. Any information you require upon your arrival, but more specifically the handling of tourist complaints makes this an invaluable resource. Now they are taking things even further with a taxi call centre. No more haggling over price. You can simply laid 1584 and book your ride. Yes, Phuket is moving forward.

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Anyway, back to the real reason for this article. One of the major attractions of this island, coupled with the the above mentioned reasons, is its generous price tag for accommodation, if you know where to look and, when to look. Luxury resorts suddenly becomes really affordable if you can book 14 nights and pay for only seven. Or book 60 days in advance and get a serious discount on the nightly rates. Some hotels also makes things easier on families by offering a second room for the kids at half the normal rate. The free night offers usually becomes valid from 1 April until 31 October. April and often even May is of course still great in terms of weather. From end May until October you will see more regular showers, but hey, this is the tropics. It's never cold and rain mostly fall in short burst for an hour in the morning and again in the afternoon and/or late evening. Not such a big deal if you pay less than 50% of the price someone paid during March.

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If you are reading this article you have found the guys able to offer you these great deals. Simply click here to see what we have to offer, but please be sure to return, because this is only the beginning and as we move closer to the end of 2012 you will see more and more deals added which will make your budget go much further. If you like to check out special offers on our other website,

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Among the special deals you will notice, Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket ranks among the top 25 hotels in Thailand for families. It's extensive water park has a lot to do with it. Movenpick in Karon Beach is another highly recommended family friendly resort and offer two bedroom accommodation, some of which have fully equipped kitchens for those days you don't feel like a restaurant and need to whip up something for the kids. If you like a more exclusive and serene location while still being within easy reach of Phuket's activity, The Surin is great for both romantic getaways and family vacations. If you want sleek style abd beach front location within walking distance of the centre of Patong, yet outside earshot of any noise and buzz, check out B Lay Tong. The reviews are amazing.

Happy hotel hunting fellow travelers. We assume we will hear from you shortly.

Author: George Conradie


+1 #3 Guest 2013-05-16 01:01
You are certainly right. There are so many very affordable hotels in Phuket that it is often so hard to choose the right one. Thanks for all of your info, it's certainly helps to narrow down the choices. If all else fails, just resort back to the old "the one with the best pool" choice : )
Regards Rob
0 #2 Guest 2013-04-20 04:53
Phuket thailand is a amazing place.Bars, Parties and Nightlife all are available in Phuket beaches. Enjoy with dancing, bar games and potent cocktails.
0 #1 Guest 2013-01-15 11:29
Nice post ! Thanks for share this post and beautiful pictures.


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